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Title: Wasup guys, I'm looking to meet you again. PLEASE READ
Post by: yugiduelist on March 02, 2009, 04:08:35 pm
Wasup my old friends, as you know I was one of the first people to join Spirit Academy and loved it here.

I am not here to change anything, but to make something better and with the people who built Spirit Academy. I've worked very hard on my own project, and I always kept Spirit Academy in mind. I even check on the site once in a while for memories and hoping someone that I knew from a while back would be here.

Anyways, to get onto the point. I've opened up a new, advanced academy that you should love, and I want all of my old friends on here to even become moderators/administrators and help me. It is a long project, and it is called SDA (Southern Duel Academy.)



I would be so so so happy fo all of you guys to look at my work...I thank you guys for my great duelist years, and if it was not for you, I would not be interested still in the game of Yugioh! TCG and OCG to this day. *Bows* ^_^

~Yugiduelist AKA MonarchTheLegend